[mythtv-users] installing mythburn with mythtv 0.19

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Mar 27 17:59:13 UTC 2006

Christopher M. Jones wrote:
> I am trying to get mythburn working with mythtv, but something isn't
> matching up. install.sh looks for a file called program_listing.php
> in /var/www/mythweb. In fact, this file exists nowhere on my system. As
> a kludge, I created a link to listings.php in the mythweb directory.
> This got install to continue past the configuration, but then it
> couldn't find the theme directory. It was looking for themes/Default,
> but the directory was actually themes/default. Again, I created a link.
> At this point install.sh finished without errors, but there was no link
> to mythburn in mythweb. So I accessed what appeared to be the main
> mythburn php file in the mythweb directory directly. Php then complained
> that it could not instantiate the non-existent class program. I greped
> through every file in /var/www/mythweb, and in the original source
> location for mythburn, and no such class exists in any file. Either my
> mythweb/mythtv is old, or mythburn is old. I've tried two archives of
> mythburn, one linked to from the mythburn howto at knoppmythwiki:
> http://mabene.icomedias.com/mythburn/mythburn.tar.gz
> The other was from sourceforge:
> mythburn-oct2005 
> Both had the same results. Any help?
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You need to grab mythburn from cvs. The two packaged  versions you 
mention are out of date
and won't work with 0.19.

Paul H.

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