[mythtv-users] Am I able to stop auto-recording?

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 26 17:30:11 UTC 2006

>On Mar 26, 2006, at 11:48 AM, Marco Nelissen wrote:
>>> It would be kinda cool to give this option. I would turn it off (and
>>> it should be off by default) since I don't want my hard drives to
>>> spin all day every day for stuff I'm not watching, but it would be
>>> neat. I guess it would act just like if you left LiveTV on all the  
>>> time.
>> Not exactly. Multi-tuner Tivo's (i.e. DirecTivo's with 2 tuners)
>> record on all (2) tuners all the time, whereas Myth-LiveTv only
>> records on the one you're watching, I think.
>Yeah, but that sucks since it thrashes your hard drive so hard for  
>each tuner you have installed.

I'm guessing that that's where Tivo's MFS (media file system) comes
in. Tivo's harddrive has always been whisper-quiet for me, even when
recording 2 shows and playing one. For Myth with JFS I had to suspend
the harddrive in rubberbands in order to make it quiet enough for the
living room. Maybe what's needed is "mythtfs".

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