[mythtv-users] Am I able to stop auto-recording?

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Sun Mar 26 14:53:55 UTC 2006

On Mar 26, 2006, at 9:48 AM, Martin Ereth wrote:

> William schrieb:
>>>> I think it shouldn't be that hard work to include such a switch.
>>>> When you can switch auto-recording off, many more users will be
>>>> using myth!!!
>>>> I promise!
>>>> Martin
>>> In all honesty, I'm sick of reading about this. Yes, sometimes I
>>> watch broadcast TV just to see what's on. And when I start watching
>>> something and it ends up being good, I like hitting record and
>>> capturing the program from when I started watching it. I would never
>>> choose to give that up. If I flip the channel within a couple of
>>> minutes, the recording is expired in a couple of minutes. Otherwise
>>> it's expired the next day or when space is needed. I
>>> *honestly* don't
>>> see what the issue is. Frankly, nor do I care. It works. I'm happy.
>>> Let's move on to stuff that needs attention.
>> I agree lets move on. One final comment on the subject. I think  
>> what this
>> person finds objectional is the current default action when done  
>> watching
>> live tv. The default being automatically save any live tv as a  
>> file when
>> done. I agree, the ability to hit record anytime while watching tv  
>> and save
>> the entire thing is great and needed. I dont agree that every live  
>> tv show
>> watched should be saved. That should be an option that must be  
>> selected to
>> enable. Having every live tv show recorded effectively leaves a  
>> forensic
>> trail for anyone else who has access to the tv. For example you  
>> watch that
>> porn show at 2am and then the next day your daughter finds the  
>> show all
>> nicely recorded and ready to bypass any filters you have in place.  
>> It also
>> uses up lots of hard drive and forces autoexpires that dont really  
>> need to
>> happen. Yes, I know you can turn off the live tv shows showing up  
>> in the
>> listings but why save them at all if you cannot see them.
>> I am thinking about coding a patch to change this default for  
>> those who want
>> to not have lots of evidence left over. If the show in listing  
>> option is
>> off, dont save the files. Can anyone point me to the file that  
>> handles live
>> tv file activity? Save me some searching.
>> William
> Thanks William!
> In the world of free choice (OpenSource) you should have the choice  
> to let the
> programs do what you want.
> When you disable auto-recording, you have to live with not being  
> able to use the
> disabled functions.
> But why not giving users the ability to switch it off?
> Martin

It's more code to support that very few people will use. It's also  
the OpenSource way to not bloat codebase for useless features.

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