[mythtv-users] knoppmyth or mythdora

Troy Roberts troy.w.roberts at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 23:55:16 UTC 2006

My $0.02

I am a longtime Debian user, and manage / maintain a fleet of about 30+
debian workstations and servers in RL.  I have been a Myth user in various
incarnations for 2+ years now.

I originally started with a RH based setup following J. WIlson's guide (tips
hat) and that worked very well, but I personally was not 'comfortable' with
the subtle differences betweeh RH and the Deb systems I used every day.

I switched to a 'roll my own' solution based on Debian and the Myth debs,
and again with a little tinkering had a good working solution, but then got
tired of trying to keep it maintained.  So KnoppyMyth seemed like something
worth a try.  I don't particularily care for Knoppix as a distro (IMHO it
does some things great, and others so-so), but for a turnkey solution like
the KnoppMyth Team has created it is perfect (tips hit again).

I have been running KnoppMyth now for over a year, and it is the best Myth
experience I have had out of all that I have tried - unless you have some
really funky hardware, 'it just works' - in some of the earlier releases
there were some issues I encountered with my all SATA configs, but those
were kernel related, and not necessarily KnoppMyth isses, and have since
been resolved.

I can't say enough good things about what they have created.

This is not to say the RH based solutions don't work, but you should pick a
solution based on the distro you are comfortable with - if you don't have a
favourite, pick a 'turnkey' solution and just let it do it's mojo and who
cares what distro it is based on.......

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