[mythtv-users] Compelling drop-in replacement for PVR-350?

Warren warren-lists at icruise.com
Fri Mar 24 13:44:29 UTC 2006

Mark Johannessen wrote:
> It has been asked in this thread but not answered ... is it true that
> the possible lack of future support will not affect the use of a
> PRV-350 as a video capture/ encoding device but will affect it as a
> video output/decoding device?
> Mark
There is no special code for video capture on a PVR-350 card.  It uses
the ivtv driver the same as any other Hauppauge card.  Therefore as long
as mythtv has support for v4l2 devices and as long as the ivtv group
continues to support the 350 cards, there will be support for them.  I
don;t even need to look at the mythtv code to tell you that much.


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