[mythtv-users] More mplayer/mythtv control probs

Mark Emery emerym at citymax.org
Fri Mar 24 07:25:45 UTC 2006

Fixed it. I found the "Internal" player, things are back to normal.

Mark Emery wrote:

>I'm running MythTV on a laptop, catching up with TV on the train.
>I've just had to upgrade to FC4 via a fresh install. With my FC3 setup
>mplayer ran in the same window as MythTV.  Now it always starts
>mplayer in a new window and isn't using the MythTV key setup.
>[ and ] keys speed up/slow down the video, but don't pitch shift the audio
>back to  normal levels.
>Anyone seen this and fixed it?  I'm running the latest at RPMs. I don't
>think it's a focus issue.
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