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Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 24 01:23:42 UTC 2006

--- Joel Ostheller <j.ostheller at gmail.com> wrote:

> Current system - I used apt-get's to install
> mythtv-suite on FC3. I started
> playing around with SVN and was able to successfully
> get binaries, compile,
> and install without breaking anything.
> Anyways now I am about to reinstall and will be
> using FC5 as a base... I was
> considering bypassing the whole yum mass installers
> and jumping straight to
> SVN... How big of a dependancy rat nest am I in for?
>  I really want to
> minimize my systems downtime, yet would really like
> control of the
> binaries...
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It's a huge dependency nest.

The way I did it was to install everything via yum,
and then remove the MythTV RPMs by hand.

So, something like:
yum install mythtv-suite
rpm -qa | grep myth > pkgs.txt
rpm -e `cat pkgs.txt`

Then from there, I only had to install a few -devel
packages (no more than 10, I'm sure) via yum.  From
there, I had no problems building my own binaries from

-- Joe

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