[mythtv-users] Can myth TV do what I want?

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Thu Mar 23 17:54:15 UTC 2006

James Oltman wrote:
>         Allow me to browse and playback MP3's and DVD's in a sensible
>         way with
>         folder based browsing and "cover art".
> This part isn't as easy.  I am mainly talking about the music.  I am 
> not a big fan of MythMusic.  It's hard to navigate and not very 
> intuitive.  Creating playlists is difficult.  I would much prefer 
> MythMusic and MythWeb to be integrated better.  I understand there is 
> work in progress to accomplish this.  I would really like to see an 
> iTunes like interface.  I think it would be great.  I am using 
> MythVideo to playback DVDs that I have ripped onto my Windoze box and 
> it works GREAT.  I have had problems lately with NFS borking on me.  
> It just stalls and I have to stop and re-start the service.  But it 
> works well!  I love Myth.  It's a great project and I can't wait to 
> see all the improvements in the future.

I've found that gnump3d and/or mp3act make excellent web based music 
streaming systems.
For me at least (running gentoo), gnump3d is a LOT easier to set up, and 
it supports downsampling.
mp3act is significantly harder to set up (requires some PHP hacking 
skills), and does NOT support
downsampling, but the interface is much nicer and even supports 
automatically grabbing album art
from Amazon.com.

I can understand why we're reluctant to spend the time reinventing that 
wheel just so it can
ship by default with mythweb. Still, it would be nice, especially if we 
could combine the benefits
of both gnump3d and mp3act without any regressions.

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse at wingnet.net

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