[mythtv-users] Will any PVR-150 Work?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Mar 22 21:19:35 UTC 2006

On Mar 22, 2006, at 2:03 PM, Brian Wood wrote:

> On Mar 22, 2006, at 1:33 PM, Michael Segulja wrote:
>> Mark Covington wrote:
>>> The only difference between the cards is that the MCE version comes
>>> with a remote.  Hauppauge is the only company that makes the
>>> PVR150, so
>>> there's only one card.
>>> Several people here have one up and running, you'll be fine.
>>> markcov
>> Ok, thank you very much for the info.  That's exactly what I needed
>> to know.
> Not quite -
> The "retail" PVR-150 comes with a Hauppauge remote. Unless you get
> really old stock this will be the "new" remote with the four colored
> buttons in a row across the bottom. This card does not have a radio
> tuner. Newer units also come with an IR blaster on the same connector
> as the IR receiver. I've seen reports of MythTV support for these
> using patched LIRC and IVTV versions, but I don't know for sure.
> A "PVR-150MCE OEM" that you can get from the OEM suppliers for around
> $60US does not come with any remote, and does not have the interface
> for one on the card. Mine, at least, also has a radio tuner, don't
> know if all versions do or not.
> A "PVR-150MCE Retail" comes with a remote that does not connect to
> the PVR card, but apparently works in some way with Windows MCE, I
> don't know much about this as I don't do windows. Don't know if this
> card has a radio tuner.
> Hauppauge seems to change tuner types almost as often as Security
> holes are found in Windows, so there is no guaranty as to what tuner
> module you will get. It's possible you will get a new module that is
> not yet supported, usually these are supported shortly. You may also
> have to manually specify the tuner type with some cards.
> The above is what I have learned from my 4 PVR-150s of various
> flavors, YMMV as always.

I should also have mentioned that the cards without a remote-control  
interface have RCA jacks for audio input, in addition to an S-Video  
and a composite video input. These cards have 2 F-connectors, one for  
TV and one for the radio tuner.

The cards with remote interfaces use a 1/8" stereo jack for audio  
input, since the remote connector takes up the space where the RCA  
audio jacks are on the MCE card.

For those who haven't noticed, the plug for the remote receiver/ 
(blaster) has an angled cut on the outside, as the connector would  
otherwise hit the metal backplane and not go in all the way. If your  
remote receiver doesn't work check that this is oriented correctly  
and the plug is in all the way.

Rather than "just one card", the PVR-150s are a blueprint for total  
confusion if you are not careful. I'd be especially careful buying on  
on E-Bay, price is probably your best guide to what you are actually  

I feel another WiKi entry needed :-)

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