[mythtv-users] no sound

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Mar 22 14:27:30 UTC 2006

On Mar 22, 2006, at 6:42 AM, Paul Cnudde wrote:

> Thanks for your reply.  When I installed Mythtv a user was created-  
> 'mythtv'.  I assume this is the context under which it runs( how  
> can I be sure?) althoughI start the backend as root from a command  
> line and start the front end as myself from a command line.   
> Anyway, following your suggestion,  logged in as root, mythtv and  
> myself I can get sound playing mp3's mpegs wavs etc using various  
> programs(except myth).  I'm guessing that this should be the case
> What might point me in the right direction is if someone with a  
> similar setup as mine could post a working configuration. ie. what  
> ALSA/OSS components were compiled or included as modules in the  
> kernel.  what mixer levels were set, and what needs to be filled in  
> in mythforntend for sound device  and mixer.
> I know I'm just missing something, but I can't figure out what it is
> I also read somewhere that I might require a .asoundrc file.  What  
> is this, where does it go and where can I get one?
> thanks again

I believe the .asoundrc file has to do with restoring your sound  
settings to what they were when you shut down, its lack shouldn't  
cause sound to not work.

I don't see a mention of how you installed Myth, other than the fact  
you are running Debian. If you compiled it yourself you did not want  
to use the config option that disables OSS, that is only for non-x86  
platforms and other testing uses. This doesn't mean that you need  
OSS, Alsa's emulation of it should work OK.

If you can get sound from MP3s and mpegs then your kernel is probably  
set up correctly for sound to work with Myth, so it is either an  
improper compilation or configuration of Myth (I know, I state the  

If you're just starting out with Linux as you say, you have done  
quite well to get as far as you have so far, congrats and welcome.  
I'm sure you will get it going soon.

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