[mythtv-users] Sky integration

Stefan Haflidason styrmis at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 21 23:00:28 UTC 2006

How happy are those of you who record Sky programs with MythTV?

I don't have a Sky box (but I need to install with a Sky box this weekend).
I've been looking at setting up the channels, and I am already resigned to
the fact that the configuration must be done in a rather laborious way.

As a test, I just tried adding BBC1, BBC2 and E4, using the rt xmltv
grabber. E4 was skipped as the id wasn't correct, and the BBC channels were
grabbed correctly.

mythfilldatabase ran and populated correctly as far as I can see.

The current release of xmltv is 0.5.42 and brings with it an update to the
rt channel ids. I updated to this version, but was met with a different
manner (perhaps unacceptable) of configuration. In the configuration (in the
console, started from mythtv-setup) I was asked to say yes or no to each
channel the grabber new about. This is not as friendly as the search
interface of the previous versions.

So for the moment I have downgraded. For the others who are trying to record
Sky, what have your solutions been? As far as I can tell all that needs
changing are the channel ids that xmltv uses.

My questions:

1) How do other people cope with xmltv ids changing? Do you have any tips
for how to set up the required Sky channels , based on your experiences? I
have channel changing sorted (though untested) using a device from Joseph
Heenan, but no channels.

2) I think I may try and just edit the xmltv config file created in the
.mythtv directory directly and avoid the configuration utility. Is this
acceptable or does the utility do something else?



P.S. I would normally just experiment, but I'm in the unfortunate position
of needing to install this system in ~1 day. There is very little to
configure, but the bit that's left is rather crucial so I really appreciate
your input.
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