[mythtv-users] XvMC and high CPU usage

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Mar 21 07:20:24 UTC 2006

Relating back to the previous threads about XvMC not reducing CPU usage, 
could those working with XvMC post some specs.  I recently upgraded the 
video in my frontend running FC4 to provide HD playback and I'm seeing 
this issue now but my older, slower RH9 system has flawless XvMC.

On FC4, I get the grey OSD and the logs report XvMC is being used but my 
CPU usage is high.  I can *barely* get the video to play properly using 
libmpeg2 but the picture seems a little jumpy.  My configure script says 
I'm linking with libXvMCNVIDIA as expected.  My OpenGL Vsync is working 
as I'm using the 7676 nvidia driver (changing it makes things worse for 
libmpeg2 performance). 

I'm wondering if this is related to the version of XFree86 or xorg since 
that is the only difference I can find between my systems other than one 
is MX4000 PCI and the other is MX440 AGP (but that shouldn't make much 
difference).  So if you are using XvMC with an nvidia card, could you 
report either success or failure and what version of the X server you 
are running.

Maybe we can track this down...


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