[mythtv-users] Looking for an easy and reliable way to install MythTV?

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 21 01:28:34 UTC 2006

So am I!  It is why I started the AMICUS project:


The AMICUS project is designed to help new users to
MythTV and/or Linux to get their PVR working quickly
and easily.  Particularly those reusing older PCs as
PVRs.  AMICUS is designed to get the maximum from 
low resource PCs!

Versions so far can (exerpted from the changelog):
# - added basic MythTV install steps 1-5
# - added bttv support
# - added NVidia video card support
# - added various MythTV related utilities
# - began compile MythTV from source option
# - began support for MythTV plugins
# - added automatic clock synchronization 
# - added automatic mythtv frontend on boot
# - fixed compile mythtv from source option 
# - added compile XViD/x264/MPlayer from source option
# - added MythTV 0.19 package sources
# - added configure frontend only option
# - All MythTV plugins work except MythBrowser
# - Mythtv 0.19 tweaks
# - added pre-load apt cache feature
# - added install from CD ISO reset password & config option
# - added feedback on completed steps in install/config
# - fixed ivtv (Hauppauge PVR-x50) tuner support
# - posted pre-release version of CD ISO image
# - added "all in one" install MythTV option
# - added ivtv configure for more than one card
# - added improved configure of X and ALSA
# - started automatic tuner detection and configure

You can help out by doing a test install on your PC
and telling how it went. The project is getting ready
for its AMICUS 0.04 release with a whole bunch of new
- many usability improvements from users/testers
- HD3000 support (possibly HD2000, not tested yet)
- add more done/not done status
- ALSA configuration improvements
- using Xvesa as X server during configuration
- added HD3000 detection and support
- added PVR-350 TV-out video playback support
- added ATI video card support
- added PVR-350 X on TV-out support (in work)
- more fixes for MySQL access denied bug
- added Zoran tuner support
- fixed MythWeb configuration
- added Backend server configuration
- fixed Frontend only configuration
- lots of bug fixes and usability improvements

Prior to the AMICUS 0.04 version release I would
appreciate a few testers giving the system a run
through and report any bugs to the mailing list.
Especially if you have tried AMICUS before and have
had the "MySQL access denied" bug.  It is fixed but
I want to verify before a version release.

Please join us at:


and the mailing list


Thank you!  I appreciate your time and effort to improve AMICUS!

Andrew Lynch

PS, this is a totally Free/Open Source program with a completely
Open development model.  Everything is out in the open and worked
realtime.  If you want to participate, just join in!

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