[mythtv-users] DVB problems with AVER A180

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 21:12:27 UTC 2006

On 3/16/06, Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> wrote:
> Christian Burger wrote:
> > Yes I followed the QAM HDTV document in the wiki with same results.  When I
> > try to manually import in channels.conf mythtv-setup seg faults.  On channel
> > scanning it normally seg faults but last night I got it to make a successful
> > pass.  I also setup zap.  I've tried numerous ways but making no headway.
> >
> >
> What does your dtv_multiplex and other tables look like now?  I have
> lines that look like this:
> 6       2       /NULL/  /NULL/  567000000       a       0       auto    v       qam_256         a       auto    a
> auto    0       auto    a       auto    atsc    33      20060302135110
> The 5th value comes from my channels.conf like:
> WTTWDT2:567000000:QAM_256:2432:2433:5
> The second column matches the fourth (frequency).  Then I had to note
> the first two columns, mplexid and sourceid.  Sourceid corresponds to
> the input source for mythfilldatabase.  In this case, it is my second
> source for HD lineup.  The mplexid has to be put into the channel table.
> 3102    1102    47      2       WTTWDT2         WTTWDT2 (WTTW-DT2)              /NULL/          36111   0
> 32768   32768   32768   32768   atsc    0       1               0       6       5       12032
> The third to last column is mplexid.  This has to match.  The serviceid
> column matches the last column in your channels.conf (see the 5 above).
> Once those pieces match up, it should tune.  I used zap2it and
> mythfilldatabase to create the channels in the channel table and then
> tried a channels.conf (after changing the channel names from the weird
> [0001] names which maybe is causing the segfault?) and then manually
> updated the mplexid and serviceid columns in the channel table to the
> right values as mythfilldatabase left them blank.  Then I deleted the
> channels.conf imported channels and all was well.
> Kevin

Christian, Did you get this working?

To Kevin as well: Now that you've had the card a little longer, any
new thoughts on it? Buy.com is out of them but Amazon has them for a
few $ more so I'm thinking it might be time to order a couple so I
don't have to deal with using my DCT for HD anymore.

Thanks guys!


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