[mythtv-users] Myth hits Debian stable, kernel 2.6.11 ok, with Plextor TV402U ?

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 20:32:28 UTC 2006

Kurt wrote:
> I saw MythTV packages hit Debian Stable (or maybe backports) a few days ago.
> I have a Plextor TV402U as a tuner (never confirmed if it works).  I'm running 
> kernel 2.6.11-k7 with a 950 MHz Duron and 512 MB Ram, Debian stable on my 
> lightly used file server.
> Is the kernel sufficient for this setup to work without having to patch the 
> kernel?  I just want to get Myth working so I can get a feel for it and see 
> how it works running on a file server.  One or two desktops currently ssh 
> into the file server and remote forward X sessions across the lan, so the 
> desktops really act as terminals right now.
> Not interested or setup for TV-out, ok to view MythTV results on computer 
> monitor for now.  Will this setup work, or am I forced to obtain a later 
> kernel?
> If i must use a later kernel and I choose one of the latest 2.6.x kernels, can 
> I use that without recompiling it? 
> Thanks!
> Kurt.

Can't see as you would need a later kernel.  I've used 2.6.10 without 
problems.  Also, whatever kernel is stock in Ubuntu breezy (can't 
remember, only ran it for a short while, I think it's 2.6.12)  also 
works fine.  You're going to need kernel modules obviously, so if you're 
running absolutely everything as compiled into the kernel, then yes you 
will need to recompile as there are a few modules myth needs, mainly 
your tv capture card driver and maybe an lirc module if you use that.

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