[mythtv-users] MythWeb Themes

BlackCamera chnewcomb at ev1.net
Mon Mar 20 19:38:54 UTC 2006

Chris Petersen wrote:
>> I see there are many mythfrontend themes, but only 1 mythweb theme.  Has 
>> anyone created their own theme, or have any suggestions on where to look 
>> for information on creating a mythweb theme?
> For  mythweb .19, you mean skins, not themes...  There will only be one 
> more mythweb theme -- a lightweight one designed for text and 
> no-javascript browsers.
> Skins are easy, though..  copy the current css files and modify them to 
> suit your needs (and feel free to send me the final product for 
> inclusion in the main package).
> -Chris

One of the major things I was looking to do was add some sort of 
pagination for the recorded programs,  I currently have 188 items and 
takes 5+ minutes to display the page.  I haven't been able to sit down 
for an extended period of time to study the mythweb coding to see if 
there was any place to add something like this.


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