[mythtv-users] 'wa' field in 'top' is +90% when recording a show

Daniel Walton dwalton at cisco.com
Mon Mar 20 18:25:36 UTC 2006

I've noticed that sometimes when I'm recording tv and when watching certain
shows I've recorded, the cpu is pegged at 99% or 100% with most of the
utilization in 'wa' (wa stands for "I/O wait state").  I record a lot of HD
content so I have two 250 gig drives and I use LVM to make the two drives appear
as one to mythtv.  One of these two drives is a refurb (didn't realize it until
after I bought it) and I suspect that I'm only seeing the high wa utilization
when I'm accessing the refurb drive.

How can I verify which drive a show is stored on in a LVM enviroment?  Any other
ideas on what could be causing wa to go sky high?  Trying to playback a show
with the CPU hammered like this doesn't work very well.


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