[mythtv-users] ivtv tinny audio problem - status

Andrew lists at heathsworld.com
Sun Mar 19 06:52:53 UTC 2006

I was just in the process of downgrading to 0.4.1. I will give that a try, but it looks like I may have to drop one more 
to 0.4.0.


Jeff Gardner wrote:
> The "problem" cleared up when I downgraded from 0.4.2 to 0.4.0.
> Jeff
> John Biundo wrote:
>>For those of you who are having the "tinny audio" problem, and don't 
>>also subscribe to the ivtv lists, take a look at the recent threads on 
>>this subject on the ivtv-devel list.
>>Hans V is investigating the problem currently. A few people have 
>>generated samples of the problem.  There may be a little confusion over 
>>defining the problem, and in fact maybe there are several different 
>>problems that are being referred to as "tinny audio".
>>So if you've got the problem, head on over there, listen to the samples, 
>>and offer your input.  Also, if you've got a machine with this problem, 
>>and the ability to open it up securely for Hans to ssh into it, that 
>>would help.  I'm trying to set mine up, but currently don't have enough 
>>ssh experience to feel very secure about it, so it's going to go a 
>>little slowly until I convince myself that I've set it up properly.
>>Oh yeah, it would also help to know if anyone is experiencing this 
>>problem with ivtv 0.4.0 or earlier.  Some reports suggest that 
>>downgrading to 0.4.0 has solved the problem (or, perhaps more accurately 
>>stated, that some change in 0.4.1 or higher may have introduced it).  It 
>>would probably help to have some more data points.
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