[mythtv-users] Mythtv has audio quality problem when using RCA's

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Mar 19 05:23:02 UTC 2006

> I am surprised that nobody else has seen this.  I did figure out that when
> live TV starts with Svideo0 the sound is bad
> every time. If you hit C and change to Tuner the sound is ok.  Then if you
> hit C again and change back to Svideo0 the
> sound it fine.  Certainly a bug.
> Andrew wrote:
>> Previously I was using comcast and pulling A/V in through coax and
>> everything was fine. Now I have switched to directTV and use the S-Video
>> and audio cables going into my PVR-150's.  The audio is good going into
>> the card and I can mplayer /dev/v4l/video0 and all sounds great (this
>> tells me the 150 is working fine).  When I watch myth live TV or record
>> something in myth the audio just plain sucks.  It's like a bad VOIP
>> phone call from overseas.  What could mythtv be doing to the audio that
>> would do this?
>> Gentoo system
>> Audio out = ALSA:default
>> Aggressive sound card buffering = off
>> Use internal volume controls = off
>> Extra audio buffering = off
>> I can't find any other setting for audio.  Any ideas?

Downgrade IVTV driver to 0.4.0 until it gets fixed. As far as I can see,
0.4.1-3 are broken unless you select tuner and then back to s-video.

Robin Gilks

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