[mythtv-users] Slightly OT: Motherboard Recommendation - PCI-X

Big Wave Dave bigwavedave at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 22:36:30 UTC 2006


I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on motherboards that
support PCI-X.
I need PCI-X for my LSI Raid card.  This machine will be a

There are obviously many motherboards out there that have PCI-X, but
most have onboard 8MB video cards.  While I'm sure I can disable the
onboard video, it seems they usually don't have AGP slots using it for
the onboard.

The Asus P5WDG2-WS seems to be an excellent choice... except for the
cost (~$330).
I also can't confirm whether ALSA supports the onboard audio.

Basically, my goal is to find someone who can recommend a PCI-X
motherboard they are using in a MythTV system... not just any random
system.  I'm hoping it will have advantageous features for MythTV,
like the Asus one above. (i.e. firewire, audio, etc)


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