[mythtv-users] Again: Bad ANN query

Andreas Andreaz at t-online.de
Sat Mar 18 11:43:10 UTC 2006

Hi All...

Since a reinstall of my mythconverg database, im not able to 
run mythtv again. I dunno whats wrong and i tried all i can 
imagine so far...
mythbackend runs fine until i start the frontend. If i jump
to (as example) livetv, the backend tell me

Bad ANN query

Ive not any idea, what it means nor any idea where to 
start my search whats wrong.
I really need help here plz! ;)
I use the last svn of mythtv and fall back to 0.18.1 as a
try and get the same error here again. Is there anything
i can do about? 

Thanks for any help...

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