[mythtv-users] Which TFT to get?

Ben Edwards (lists) lists at videonetwork.org
Fri Mar 17 19:58:27 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 12:19 -0700, Brian Wood wrote:
> On Mar 17, 2006, at 11:45 AM, Ben Edwards (lists) wrote:
> > Was recently in a shop and was a very nice Multimedia TFT with very  
> > good
> > depth and colour saturation.  Generally all the TFT screens I watched
> > video on made everything look flat and washed out.  It tends to be the
> > ones with a shiny, rather than a matt, finish that are good for  
> > watching
> > TV on.  I think?
> >
> > So do people have any recommendations.  What makes/models are good.
> > Preferably widescreen.
> >
> Hmmm... Very dangerous to make suggestions, you will be blamed if it  
> doesn't work out, but:
> I bought a "Hisense" TL-3220HD 32" LCD from TigerDirect.
> Nice unit. 1200:1 contrast, 800 cd/m2 brightness, 8ms. response. Take  
> these specs with a bit of a grain of salt because everyone measures  
> them differently,  but it does look very good and I don't see any  
> motion artifacts while watching it.
> Unit has HDMI, VGA, component, composite and S-Video inputs. It has  
> built-in NTSC and ATSC tuners (separate RF inputs). Does PiP, split- 
> screen etc. 1366x768 resolution (16x9) It has the HDCP for "content  
> protection" decoding. It will do 1080i but not 1080p. It has a USB  
> connector but I can't figure out what it is for, the manual doesn't  
> even mention it. Built-in (cheesy) speakers, SPDIF output.
> My main complaint is that I have not found any "universal" remote  
> that knows the codes, but a learning remote does work. The included  
> remote is supposed to control other units as well as the TV but it  
> basically sucks.
> But if the worst thing about it is the remote it can't be too bad.
> Oh yeah, $999.

Was thinking more of a 20-25" TFT, preferably under 400 (due to some
strange maths/logic the us dollar/UK sterling cost of things is often
very smiler!). I have also noticed the ones with tuners (i.e. TFT TVs)
are a LOT more expensive and often have artifacts.  I have a 20" Samsung
SyncMaster which I got for around 200 and its has a better picture than
17" LCD Tvs which are over twice the price.

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