[mythtv-users] Remote Frontend Won't Connect to Database

Ed O'Brien ed3120 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 19:20:10 UTC 2006

I can't get my remote frontend (xbox) to successfully
connect to my backend. (Both are running Myth .19 -
Frontend on backend server works fine.) The myth
frontend will load properly on the xbox remote
machine, but will display a message stating that it
cannot connect to the database. After exiting the
frontend, I can see this error at the command line:

     Connecting to backend server: localhost:6543 (try
1 of 5)
     Connection timed out.

My issue seems to be that the frontend is trying to
connect to the database on "localhost" - where it
obviously isn't going to find it. The problem is that
I can't seem to find the setting to change to correct
this. My frontend is running on an Xbox, but at this
point I think the problem is on my backend.

My remote frontend general settings are: (Note: is the correct IP of my
backend/database, is the IP of my xbox)
     Host name:
     Database: mythconverg
     User: mythtv
     Password: mythtv
     Database type: MySQL

My backend general settings are:
     IP address for mythtv:
     Port the server runs on: 6543
     Port the server shows status on: 6544
     Master Server IP address:
     Port the master server runs on: 6543

If I attempt to log into my backend database from the
command line on my frontend with user mythtv, it works
successfully, so I don't think it is a permissions
thing. The following command works fine from my remote
frontend: (using password mythtv)
     mysql -u mythtv -p -h
That command alone should prove that my xbox has the
proper DB permissions.

Another thing that seems strange is that from my
backend, I can type: (with a blank password)
     mysql -u root -p -h localhost
....and successfully get in to my db.

But, if I type:
     mysql -u root -p -h

It doesn't let me in!!

Where could the frontend be getting the idea that it
should connect to "localhost" for the database?

I keep seeing this every time I try to connect:

   Connecting to backend server: localhost:6543 (try 1
of 5)
   Connection timed out.         
   You probably should modify the Master Server
   settings in the setup program and set the   
   proper IP address.

Can anyone tell me why I'm seeing localhost:6543 when
I have the backend IP address listed in the General
Setup of both my backend and frontend, as well at my
mysql.txt file? I think that is the root of my


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