[mythtv-users] OT: Buying pvr-350 in SF bay area

Louie Ilievski loudawg at comcast.net
Fri Mar 17 07:00:31 UTC 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 22:10, Nick Bartos wrote:
> > I posted recently on using my PVR-350 again after using Nvidia for a
> > while.  I
> > had said that the 350 displayed a perfect interlaced picture, while using
> > the
> > framebuffer/Xv, not using the hardware decoder.
> How exactly did you do that?  I have never setup a 350 before so I didn't
> know what was involved.  I know that there is another option to use it
> under the tv playback settings but I didn't know how to just use the
> framebuffer.  If I use the built-in mpeg decoder, does that mean that I
> have to use the audio output from the pvr-350 too?  I want to keep using
> the digital output of my sound card.

There are instructions on setting up the framebuffer if you search around, but 
an up-to-date, all encompassing guide doesn't seem to exist anymore.  I'll 
write up something tomorrow if I can and put it in the mythtv wiki since I 
just recently did this setup.

It's pretty simple, though.  Once you have the framebuffer up and running, you 
really don't have to do anything else.  It is as if you're running on any 
other normal video card.  Just choose Xv in your myth playback settings, and 
for videos and such add -vo xv to your mplayer command line (or if you use 
xine or something else, set it accordingly), and you're all set.  You don't 
need to specify in Myth to use the decoder for playback.  It's pretty much 
obsolete now, in my opinion.  If you do decide to use it, however, then you 
would want to loop the audio outputs of the 350 back into the audio input of 
your sound card that way you can still use your sound card's output.


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