[mythtv-users] mythTV, Kaffeine and Twinhan DVB-T

Nicklas Bergfeldt nicklas.bergfeldt at his.se
Fri Mar 17 02:02:23 UTC 2006

tj wrote:
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Anyhow, just though I should mention this...
>     - Now I'll try to get rid of these cards and buy some more expensive
>     ones :-/
> By jerking, do you also see any "pre-buffering pauses" in the 
> mythfrontend output as well?
> I have the same two cards (and two other) on one computer and have the 
> same problem (video jerking + pre-buffering pauses) when I'm using 
> kernel
> But rolling back to my old kernel and everything is fine again.
> So maybe you can try to downgrade ur kernel to 2.6.14.x and see if it 
> work for your or not.

Wow... is that a gentoo special kernel or the vanilla one?
 - How do I get a gentoo special version for 2.6.14?


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