[mythtv-users] Use internal viewer for mpg files from mythvideo?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Mar 16 23:00:11 UTC 2006

On 03/16/2006 08:49 AM, Warren wrote:

> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>On 03/16/2006 07:04 AM, warren-lists at icruise.com wrote:
>>>Is there any way to get the internal mythtv viewer to be the viewer for
>>>mpeg 2 videos?
>>Set the player command for files with the appropriate extension to 
>>"Internal" (no quotes).
>>>I would like to be able to do commercial skip on videos
>>>that I have recorded from other sources.
>>That's a whole other matter.  Commercial skip is only set up to work 
>>with MythTV recordings--not on MythVideo videos.  Therefore, you'll have 
>>to import the show into MythTV's recordings (see 
>>contrib/myth.rebuilddatabase.pl) then run mythcommflag to rebuild the 
>>seektable and then run mythcommflag to mark commercials ("mythcommflag 
> Would the shows then have to be moved into the path (/mnt/store) of 
> mythtv?

Assuming /mnt/store is your MythTV recordings directory (RecordFilePrefix).

Yes for recordings with commflagging, no for MythVideo videos with 
Internal player and without commflagging.  Videos must be withing the 
MythVideo directory structure to be recognized by the scanner.

Note, a link in the recordings/video directory to a file in a different 
location will work for both recordings and videos...


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