[mythtv-users] Mac os X intel binary?

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Thu Mar 16 14:32:23 UTC 2006

I try as much as possible to use the osx-packager.pl script without   
modification, there have been times in the past when this wasn't  
possible, but the current versions are very good thanks to the MythTV  
guys.  The nightly svn builds I have a shell script that builds and  
posts to the website.  Here is the exact command.....

/usr/local/bin/osx-packager.pl -enable-jobtools -enable-backend - 
clean -plugins ALL -verbose

I also make sure that I'm always using the latest osx-packager.pl  
script as usually the changes made to it fix problems.  I think right  
now the current svn script has some DVD stuff disabled so that it  
will compile.  One thing I have noticed is that if you are trying to  
build the 0.18 build with the current svn version of osx-packager, it  
usually doesn't work.  To build the older versions, I would go back a  
few revs until the osx-packager.pl matches the version you want to  
build (of course you'll have to fix the URL's)

On Mar 15, 2006, at 9:14 PM, Todd Ignasiak wrote:

> On 3/15/06, David Snider <dsnider at thesniderpad.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks Brian,  but the mythfrontend binaries on "thesniderpad" are
>>> PowerPC versions.
>> One of these days.. I'm certain, the wife will look the other way
>> just long enough for me to swipe the credit card for one of the new
>> Mac Mini's.......  Until then, sorry, PowerPC only..
> Hi David,
> When you build the PowerPC versions, do you require any modifications
> to the configure script or source code?        I ask because building
> the Intel binaries requires several changes, and I'm curious if the
> same things effect your builds.   For example, building only the
> frontend fails to run correctly, with missing symbols.  But, it runs
> correctly if you build the backend too.
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