[mythtv-users] Not getting Dolby Prologic out of s/pdif

Bryan Bennetts bbennetts at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Mar 15 16:37:16 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 Mar 2006 15:55, Marco Nelissen wrote:
>  If the latter, you're not going to get AC3/5.1, and
> the best you could do is to force your receiver/amplifier into prologic
> mode rather than plain stereo mode.

Its the latter alright:-)  Just wanted to qualify the situation with as much 
information as poss.  

I have a Leadtek PVR 2000 and the audio is directed from the card to the CD in 
on the motherboard.  I was under the impression that the prologic aspect of 
the tv audio should 'just work', however it does not.  Obviously I've mucked 
up the setup somewhere, I'm just not sure where.

BTW The CD input is marked as capture and is muted, but if I unmute it I do 
get sound through my rear speakers.

The quality is of more concern than the surround, but I think they are linked 
as all other audio is fine and dandy.  I'll try massaging the settings on the 
amplifier as suggested by Jeff Clemens...

Thanks, Bry.

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