[mythtv-users] recording duplicates

Ant Daniel antdaniel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 13:51:29 UTC 2006

On 14/03/06, Carrison, Stuart <Stuart at carrison.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I've recently rebuilt my myth box, it's now bang up to date (knoppmyth
> R5A30).
>  However, I'm noticing a new issue which I haven't seen before.
>  I live in the UK and subscribe to Sky TV. Many channels are repeated an
> hour later (bravo, bravo +1, Discovery, Discovery + 1 etc). Almost every
> time, my recording is recorded by myth twice. Once on the 'normal' channel
> and once on the '+1' channel. Myth doesn't seem to be detecting that shows
> with the same name and same description are repeated.
>  Now, this happens before I've watched the original show, so I know I am not
> selecting 'delete and allow re-record'. Also, this doesn't always happen
> just on +1 channels. Top Gear does it frequently. It's recorded off UKTV
> People (I think) I watch it, delete it (do not allow re-record) come home
> the next day and the same show _with the same description_ is 'back again'.
>  When I run a mythfilldb I get the following:
>  Updated programs: 12833  Unchanged programs: 39246
>  Adjusting program database end times...
>  0 replacements made.
>  ==Marking repeats...found 0==
>  Which seems odd as there should be loads, going by the +1 stuff.
>  Any clues chaps & lasses?
>  Many thanks
>  Stuart
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I assume that you use radiotimes for your data.

Radiotime have been known to make some subtle changes in their
descriptions/subtitles, are you sure the descriptions are identical?

Otherwise, I also get this problem when using Match by Subtitle &
Description, but the show has no subtitle. In that case the system
won't identify them as duplicates.

Match by Desciption only should resolve those that don't have
subtitle, but watch out for the shows where the descriptions don't

The one that got me was 'Masterchef goes Large' the Monday-Thursday
shows where being recorded but no the Friday show, it turned out that
while the Mon-Thur has differing description for each episode, the
Friday show was using the same description each week, we got the first
Friday Epsiode, but then no more.


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