[mythtv-users] Yet another NVidia 6200 1080i Component Output thread

daworm at comcast.net daworm at comcast.net
Mon Mar 13 14:04:38 UTC 2006

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From: David Sims <dl.sims at comcast.net>
> On Mar 12, 2006, at 5:18 PM, Jeff Wormsley wrote:
> > I think this is being discussed right now on another thread about 
> > TVOut,
> > so I'm going to go re-read that and see if there is a resolution (no 
> > pun
> > intended) to this issue.
> Just in case you don't find the answer in the other thread, I believe 
> this problem is the XVideoTextureSyncToVBlank setting in 
> nvidia-setings.  If you turn that off, the video will play.   The 
> problem I have with that though is the video always has a tearing 
> effect in it with that parameter turned off.  I haven't found a 
> solution to that problem.

Actually, this was a stupid on my part.  The Load "V4L" line was missing from my xorg.conf.  Nothing works very well that way.  I do have the SyncToVBlank off, but won't know until later if I see tearing or not.  I've somehow killed my audio in my last update, and without audio video playback isn't much to look at.  Hopefully tomorrow night I can get that straightened out and see what happens.

BTW, since I have a 3.0G HT processor, I'm hoping to avoid XVMC, so it may be that the VBlank issues won't matter so much for me.


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