[mythtv-users] Yet another NVidia 6200 1080i Component Output thread

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 00:20:38 UTC 2006

--- Jeff Wormsley <daworm at comcast.net> wrote:

> First off, I was up until well past 3am last night
> researching the 
> archives for information on how to get this to work,
> so if I've missed 
> the magic thread, I'm sorry.  I started a new thread
> because the others 
> have moved on to other topics, such as SVIDEO
> instead of component.  So, 
> here goes.
> I'm trying to get a Diablotek branded NVidia GeForce
> 6200V+ to output 
> via component video at 1080i to my Samsung 54"
> widescreen TV, which is 
> an older model that only has component inputs and
> only supports 480i, 
> 480p and 1080i (no 720p for me...), and somewhat
> 540p (I never could get 
> it to sync right with the AA960 and 5200 card I was
> using previously, 
> but died on me).
> System: P43G HT on Intel 865 board, FC4 per Jarrod's
> guide, PVR-250, 
> firewire to DCT-6200 box, 1G ram, 250G ATA HD,
> SBLive! soundcard.


I don't have a 6200 card (I have a 5200), and I just
recently set it up for HD (now to get an HD antenna
and card).  My TV is a (I'm guessing) slightly newer
one that supports 720p, and it has a VGA input, but I
did have to experiment a lot.

I tried the so-called standard HD modelines that
nVidia recommends, and I couldn't get any of them to
work in driver version 7676 (it says that the
modelines don't exist).  It does kind of suck, but I
think that you'll likely need to go the approach that
many of us others have - install Windows on a drive
and use PowerStrip to generate mode lines for Xorg. 
You might get lucky in that some default PowerStrip
modes work for you, if not, then you'll have to tweak
a lot.

I've also found that the less information you specify
in xorg.conf, the better - try to let the driver
detect everything it can.  Try not specifying a TV as
connected (assuming you only have the TV connected)

Speedo is (I think) a font module - the lack of it
shouldn't really affect anything, especially if you're
using TrueType fonts.

I've seen a similar crash when starting xorg, and it
was due to the configuration of my xorg.conf.  When I
fixed the problem (I don't remember what it was),
everything worked fine.  Basically, I was using an
xorg.conf file that somebody else generated off of an
older version, and it caused a crash.  Try starting
off with one included with the nVidia driver.

Your console being wrapped (usually) indicates that
the video card isn't driving the TV properly (the
timings are off).  Depending on the BIOS, the first
screen could be 320x240 graphics, or 640x480 text -
the boot process is generally 640x480 text, unless
there is some sort of framebuffer involved.

Well, this isn't really any sort of a solution for
you, but I hope that it does help point you in the
right direction.

-- Joe

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