[mythtv-users] DVB-T tzap versus mythtv 0.19

Robin Neatherway robthebob at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 13:03:52 UTC 2006

On 3/12/06, Doug Scoular wrote:
> Hi Daniel et al,

>     I attempted to write an initial cut at a patch but since this is my
>     first C++ in 20+ years I could really use some tips.

Nice work Doug

> > I would accept a patch that did the usleep[s] for
> > some per card configurable period of time, so long as it defaults
> > to off (you can autodetect the Nova-T and enable the hack for it.)
>     In order to create a new configurable setting the MythTV
>     settings schema would, presumably, have to evolve. I wasn't
>     sure how to do this... so the code simply determines if the
>     DVB frontend being used is "DibCom 3000P/M-C DVB-T"
>     and hardwires the timeout to the same value used by scan.c.

Interesting your card is a dibcom 3000, mine uses the Connexant 22702
frontend. I didn't realise Hauppage used so many different chipsets.

>     dvbsignalmonitor.cpp didn't have access to the DVBChannel
>     outwith the constructor (as far as I could glean) so I created
>     a new protected member called "channel" and added getter
>     and setter routines. The constructor now calls the new setter
>     SetDVBChannel(_channel) so that DVBSignalMonitor::UpdateValues()
>     can now use my GetDVBChannel() to obtain the frontend name
>     via channel->getFrontendName().
>     I'm not sure whether the constructor is the appropriate place to
>     set this... as this assumes that the constructor is called each time
>     we switch cards... this could be a very bad assumption.

I'm somewhat at sea amongst all the QT bits, and seeing as you've
already been looking through this would you like to chat on IRC later?
I'd like to hear what you've learned it more detail.


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