[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase hanging - heavy CPU useage!

Adam Drake ja_drake at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 08:59:39 UTC 2006


Does it happen if you run mythfilldatabase without the --refresh-today 
Is there anything useful in the MySQL logs?
Have you run mysqlcheck on the database to make sure there are no 


It happens whenever I run mythfilldatabase. 
I only ran it with the --refresh-today option to see if it made the blindest bit of difference! It doesn't.
There appears nothing useful in the MySQL logs.
I've run mysqlcheck on the mythconverg database, and it all checks out fine.


I had this happen due to a corrupted table...  You need to read up on 
the SQL docs and run the 'fix database' command...  The exact name and 
syntax escapes me, but it wasn't too difficult once I figured it out.

Check the logs to see if that's the problem....


As above, I've checked the state of the DB, and MySQL says it's all ok.
Logs show nothing.
I've also deleted the DB completely and re-installed it, again to no avail.


Anyone got any ideas?

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