[mythtv-users] HTPC cases

Rick ve1gn at nb.sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 12 03:23:36 UTC 2006

 > We're thinking about
> perhaps using a Pentium-M CPU/mobo for added quietness without
> compromising power (peace and quiet has the edge over noisier cheaper
> components), and 5400rpm drives to keep heat down. 2 DVB-T cards with
> an option for a PVR-xx0 in the future.
> Are any users using a Pentium-M/Silverstone LC16 combo?
> (I'm still using my Pundit-R system which was a great value proof of
> concept back in Autumn 04 and I ideally would like to move to a LC16
> box in the future when funds allow.)
> Cheers,
> Nick

I'm using the lc16m as a frontend and find the 2 fans at the back a 
little too noisy and plan on replacing them soon.  The power supply, 
400W Q Technology, and WD harddrive are very quiet as is the AMD64 
xp3200+ with stock cooling and a fanless fx5200. I also placed a quiet 
fan in each of the drive cages. This machine also does Rosetta at home so 
the cpu is always at 100 percent but still runs cool and quiet except 
for the two fans mentioned above. Possibly I'm alone in this opinion but 
I find the VFD pretty much useless except as a fine timepiece.  You need 
eagle vision just to see it from any distance and the information 
presented when viewing tv/recordings etc. is pretty much redundant. It 
is fairly useful while listening to music though.  Overall it is a nice 
case and the VFD does add to its attractiveness. I'm not using the 
remote as I prefer an ir keyboard and the learning remote that came with 
my NAD a/v receiver. About those blue leds, they are annoying.  I took 
the easy way out and covered them up with a tiny piece of electrical tape.


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