[mythtv-users] MythDora version 2.1

Dennis Hand the4hands at comcast.net
Sat Mar 11 23:51:11 UTC 2006

A new revised version of MythDora 2.1 is now ready and can be had at
http://www.g-ding.tv. For those of you not familiar with MythDora,
this is a FC4/OS with MythTV-0.19 all on one CD. This CD will install
on all kinds of PVR builds. It uses the ATrpms packages created by
Axel Thimm :-).

 Version 2.1 Highlights
- Fedora Core 4
- kernel-2.6.15-1.1831
- mythtv-0.19-124
- Support for PVR-250/350/150/500, M179, BTTV, SAA7134, CX88, PVR-USB2 and
- ivtv-0.4.3
- alsa-1.0.10
- lirc-0.8.0
- Nvidia-7676
- ATI for Pundit-R TV-Out v8.22.5 (fglrx driver)
- SiS for Pundit-AB TV-Out v6.8.2 (Thomas Winischhofer driver)
- An update module located in MythDora Tools
- New MythBurn
- MythStreamTV
- DVD Shrink
- Nuvexport-0.3-0.20060214
- Improved DVB detection
- XFce4 Window Manager
- MythDora System Information page

In the extras directory
- MediaMVP RPM
- Myth status RSS
- xorg config files for various cards

 Version 2.1 Unichrome Highlights
- Xorg 6.9.0.ucr
- The rest is just like Xorg version (minus video drivers)

Dennis Hand

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