[mythtv-users] FTA channels on DishNetwork satellites

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 22:10:10 UTC 2006

On 3/10/06, Matthew Geier <matthew at sleeper.apana.org.au> wrote:
> Chris Petersen wrote:
> > Anyway, I apparently got in way over my head, since I can't even seem to
> > do a normal channel scan, or even figure out where to look up the
> > information to set up mythtv to do the scan (no matter what I try, it
> > hangs at 3% with no signal strength/etc).
> >
> > Can someone please point me in the right direction?
>   You are going to need the frequency and parameter table for the
> satellite your dish is pointing at.
>   http://www.lyngsat.com/ is a good place to find that stuff.
>   You will also need the tuning parameters of your 'LNB' on the dish and
> just to simplify things you probably want to disconnect the dish
> networks receiver when experimenting - as the dish receiver is probably
> in control of the LNB and at least at this stage you want to simplify
> things.
>   It's probably also easier at this point NOT to use myth but
> scan/dvbscan from the DVB tools.
> eg
> dvbscan -a 3 ./asiasat2 -l 5150
>   Where in this case the DVB-S card was the 4th card in the machine.
> (This one has 3 DVT-Ts in it), the file asiasat2 has the tuning
> parameters for Asiasat2 that I got off the Lyngsat site and 5150 is my
> 'local occilator frequency'. There are actually more options, but in my
> case the LNB is 'local powered' at the dish and 'hard wired' into
> Horizontal mode, but there are a pile more LNB options to play with.
>   Getting out of Myth and using dvbscan will make the experimentation
> process much faster. When you get the tuning parameters right, scan will
> generate a list of all the channels - including the encypted ones.
>   Armed with now known good information, go back into myth...
>   I don't actually use myth with DVB-S. The DVB-S card I have at work is
> doing something else. (Streaming TV onto our LAN)

you can also get from lyngsat the other FTA channels on other
satelites that you can pick up with that card and your dish. Since the
DVB standard uses the same dish you should be able to pick up 3-4
other satelites with FTA stuff. Some even carry local stations FTA
which is pretty cool.


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