[mythtv-users] New Mini Core Duo, No Video

Brendan White bmwt at caida.org
Fri Mar 10 20:04:44 UTC 2006

Well, in order to accelerate development, here's what i had to do (so  

1) bswap fix.  There is some dvd code used in 3 diffrent places. You  
need to add a case for apple byteswapping.  The first instance of  
this is in libdvdnav

diff -puriN libdvdnav-orig/src/dvdread/bswap.h libdvdnav/src/dvdread/ 
--- libdvdnav-orig/src/dvdread/bswap.h  2006-01-26 23:26:43.000000000  
+++ libdvdnav/src/dvdread/bswap.h       2006-01-26 23:27:57.000000000  
@@ -59,6 +59,12 @@
#define B2N_32(x) x = be32toh(x)
#define B2N_64(x) x = be64toh(x)

+#elif defined(__APPLE__)
+#include <libkern/OSByteOrder.h>
+#define B2N_16(x) x = OSSwapBigToHostConstInt16(x)
+#define B2N_32(x) x = OSSwapBigToHostConstInt32(x)
+#define B2N_64(x) x = OSSwapBigToHostConstInt64(x)
/* This is a slow but portable implementation, it has multiple  
   * problems so beware.
   * Old FreeBSD's and Solaris don't have <byteswap.h> or any other such

2) patch exif.  exif-utils.c line 83:  remove the word "static".   
(was: static ExifSShort.  now:  ExifSshort)

3) another bswap patch.  this time to libdvdread.

4) added options to ./configure  (i added these right to osx- 

--extra-cxxflags="-msse -msse2 -msse3"

(that last extra-cxxflags fixes a lot.  event tho it should be  
skipping SIMD instructions, some of apple's linking code expects  
these options.  this fixes those m128 errors)

5) fix mythtv/libs/libavcodec/liba52/resample.c
	even tho mmx has been disabled, there are some silly assumptions in  
this file.  remove the ifdef that includes resample_mmx.c.  Also  
remove the ifdef ARCH_X86 stanzas.

6)  3rd bswap.h patch, this time in mythlibdvd

anyway, that's how i got to where i am now.  (compiles, but doesnt run)

On Mar 10, 2006, at 11:55 AM, Todd Ignasiak wrote:

> On 3/10/06, Brendan White <bmwt at caida.org> wrote: Ah, ppl who have  
> been fighting the same intel mini battle :)
> I actually got the ppc binary to run.  You need to disable altivec
> color space handling.   Once you do that, video should work.  On my
> setup (core duo) it's dropping frames- not too surprising given the
> conversion.
> I've been trying to get a native version compiled (using svn
> versions), using the osx-packager script.  So far i have an
> executable, but it fails at runtime due to a missing symbol.
> Inara:~/MythFrontend.app/Contents/MacOS bmwt$ ./mythfrontend
> dyld: Symbol not found: __ZTV24CaptionServiceDescriptor
>    Referenced from:
> /Users/bmwt/MythFrontend.app/Contents/MacOS/./../Frameworks/
> mythtv.framework/mythtv
>    Expected in: flat namespace
> so close :)
> At least you got it to compile..  I'm still trying to get past the  
> ffmpeg / mmx build issues.
> I'm sure there are several others attempting to do this.  Maybe we  
> should set up a wiki page to share information..
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