[mythtv-users] Seek issue.

Bryan mythtv at hb-computers.com
Fri Mar 10 16:48:51 UTC 2006

I noticed last night that when I enter a show after it has been recording
for a while, at let say 15:30 in the show, that the point at which I enter
the recording will be the end time for the seek OSD. So I can seek back
and forth up to that point (15:30) but once I have reached that point, the
seek function fails.

I would much appreciate any help to point me in the right direction....


> I have been searching through the archives and have found some stuff like
> what I am expeiriencing, but not exactly. I have tried the solutions but
> with no success, so here is the email for help.
> The day before yesterday I upgrades to .19. Since then, I hav an issue
> where I can not seek, either foward or backward, while a show is being
> recorded. After the show is done recording, If I go out of it and then
> return back to the completed recording, everything works fine. The only
> thing I notice when attempting to seek while a show is being recorded is
> that the time on the recording is 0:01.
> Now for the logisitics of my setup. My MythTV network consists of 5
> machines. 1 Fileserver/MySQL Server, two backend systems, and two frontend
> systems. I have the two backends since I gave up on getting two pvr250's
> and the pvr500 I have to play nicely together.
> I am more than happy to give you any debugging information that is needed
> to resolve the issue. I have no idea where to begin looking. I have done
> the recordedmarkup repair, but I don't think that is my issue since after
> the recording is done, the seek functions and OSD time are correct.
> Please help, I love Myth and have been using it for about two years now
> with few problems.
> Thanks in advanced!
> Bryan
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