[mythtv-users] Your ideal (pal) system

Francesco Peeters Francesco at FamPeeters.com
Fri Mar 10 09:03:50 UTC 2006

On Thu, March 9, 2006 22:55, Francesco Peeters said:
> On Thu, March 9, 2006 22:26, Paul Poetsma said:
>> Your subject says "ideal". What do you want to achieve? Is it just for
>> video &
>> music or do you plan to use MythGame as well?
> 90% video & audio (tv recording, DVD ripping, CD ripping, MP3 and OGG
> playback, maybe some streaming AV)
> 9% MythWeb (quick checks on www, no extensive browsing) and maybe a little
> MythGame and some other stuff, but absolutely lowest priority!
>> For the first, take a PVR350 for TV in&out. If you want to play games,
>> then
>> take a PVR250 for the TV input and an nVidia FX5200 card for the TV
>> output.
>> The bigger the harddisk, the more you can store. I'm using a 250Gb drive
>> (Seagate) and I have tons of mp3, games, videos and recordings and still
>> 60Gb
>> available.
> Was thinking along the lines of 160-200 GB
>> Consider a gigabit LAN card if you have a gigabit network upgrade in
>> mind.
> Got a 100/Full switch with GB backbone, so that should suffice for the
> foreseeable future
>> I've 512Mb memory in my machine, and that's enough. Esp if you use
>> ratpoison
>> or so as wm and not KDE, which is memory hungry.
> Planning on a minimal install and minimalistic wm... Don't need anything
> but MythTV running on it...  ;-)
>> Modern processors have cooling techniques that will keep the temperature
>> low.
>> I'm using an AMD Athlon XP 1600+, has no build-in cooling features but
>> the
>> athcool software does the magic. It runs idle at 38C, at top speed 55C,
>> but
>> normally the load doesn't pass the 50%, even when playing games (zsnes).
>> Or
>> use a passively cooled P3 or Duron processor, no fan noise. VIA Epia are
>> interesting things to look at too.
> Through a friend I have choice between Via C3 2000+ with VIA CLE266/8235
> (133MHz FSB) board at below EUR 70 or XP-M 2800+ with VIA CLE266/8235
> (800MHz FSB) board at below EUR 120
> Also have a Shuttle board without a CPU (having an option on a 2.4 GHz PIV
> for a nice price) but *with* a very low noise cooler lying around waiting
> for a new purpose in life...
> My preference in this case would be either the XP-M board or the Shuttle
> board with the 2.4 P-IV...
> All three boards have on board LAN, SPDIF audio. The C3 and XP-M have C266
> video, which (IIRC) supports MPEG decoding.
>> Select a powersupply that uses a large fan (12cm). There's a passive
>> powersupply and very nice HTPC cases at e.g. silverstonetek.com.
> Got that covered already thanks to some donations  ;-)
> Got me a nice case with space for a display (future project) and a DVD
> door, and also a 400W PSU with temp controlled 12cm brushless fan.
>> Paul

Oops! I meant MythBrowser where I said MythWeb... My bad!

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