[mythtv-users] Why does going to live TV take so long?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Mar 9 18:59:51 UTC 2006

James C. Dastrup wrote:
> Yes. That is why I'm using svn 7738, which is just before the LiveTV began
> it's overhaul.  My next project is to start to incorporating some of the other
> new features in 0.19 but avoiding the LiveTV change.  In some ways, I'm making
> my own personal "stable branch".  If someone else has already done this, please
> let me know.
Why not focus your efforts into addressing the problem you are seeing 
instead of forking and working around?  I'm sure your efforts would then 
benefit the community at large instead of leaving it behind.  If you 
have the wherewithall to fork the code, it seems you would have the 
skills to dive into the code and find out where the problem is coming 
from.  A few well placed timing debug statements in the LiveTV code 
should give you a clear idea of where the delays are coming from and 
then focus your efforts on that.  And if it only happens with remote 
tuners, you should also look at any network settings (NFS, samba, CIFS 
or streaming) to see if there is optimizations there.  I know alot of 
people have found various tweaks on the list for each of those that 
helps greatly.

There is alot you can do to provide great feedback to the product here 
if you are willing.


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