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A JM vbtalent at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 18:22:30 UTC 2006

Ditto!! Tired of reading about it in my in-box... follow the rules set forth
by Isaac it's his game and his ball...

On 3/9/06, Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> wrote:
> > 1. ReplayTV was sued because they included commercial skipping
> > technology in their DVR, and they lost big time.  MythTV skips
> > commercials....
> MythTV hasn't been sued, and didn't ReplayTV settle?  That's not a loss,
> it's "cutting your losses."
> > 2. In the US, the DMCA says you can't bypass copy protection in order
> > to make a backup copy of digital media, yet Myth rips commercially
> > produced copy protected DVDs...
> MythTV does no such thing.  You the user have to download and install
> the separate DeCSS package.  Those who live in countries without stupid
> laws like the DMCA are legally allowed to install/use DeCSS, so the code
> hooks are provided for them.  MythTV is not an american-only project.
> Same goes for mp3/aac encoding -- it's totally legal to distribute
> source code that does the encoding.  Source code is not an encoder and
> does not violate licenses.  MythTV is more liable for linking to
> GPL-violating code (mp3 is patent-encumbered and not compatible with the
> GPL) than for what people compile the sourcecode into (you'll notice
> that faac/faad do not distribute binary downloads, nor does mythtv.org).
> > The argument that Myth should stay away from things like bittorrent
> > because of it's legal questionableness (is that a word??) is pretty
> > lame when Myth already does lots of things that could fall under the
> > illegal category!!
> Here's the deal, and I hate to reiterate what others have said, but
> people just don't seem to understand.  Isaac is in charge of MythTV, he
> is in charge of this mailing list.  He does not want people talking
> about bittorrent (and the unofficial mythtv plugin that supports it),
> nor will he ever include it as part of MythTV.  For whatever reason,
> legal or otherwise, he is within his rights to do so.  If you don't like
> it, you're more than within your rights to fork the project or write an
> unauthorized plugin.
> > Isn't that what open source is about?? Beating the man and doing
> > things the way we, the consumer, want them done????
> Not in my world.  It's about writing better software and distributing it
> for free.  "Beating the man" is nowhere in my definition of OSS -- in
> fact, "the man" is often quite in favor of open source software (ibm,
> nsa, chinese government, etc, etc.).
> Please kill this discussion now before people start getting kicked off
> the list.  It's just not a topic worth arguing about.
> -Chris
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