[mythtv-users] Mythtv torrent downloading

Michael Segulja msegulja at lmdcs.com
Thu Mar 9 17:20:06 UTC 2006

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Mar 9, 2006, at 10:02 AM, Michael Segulja wrote:
>> Marco Nelissen wrote:
>>>> On the contrary, including legally questionable features (no  
>>>> matter how
>>>> much we know it's not illegal precisely but used illegally by  
>>>> people) in
>>>> the core product opens it up to attack.  Since this activity
>>>> (downloading legal torrents) can be handled effectively outside  
>>>> Myth and
>>>> imported using any number of means, the discussion is unnecessary.
>>>> Kevin
>>> According to the documentation, MythTV has a dependency on lame.
>>> I'll admit to not having checked recently, and to not being a lawyer,
>>> but last I checked lame was an mp3 encoder, Fraunhofer/Thompson own
>>> patents on mp3, and neither the lame-developer nor its users are
>>> paying royalties. MythMusic, a standard MythTV plugin, supports the
>>> AAC format. I betcha nobody's paying royalties for that either.
>>> Anyway, I'd say that MythTV is *already* the very definition of
>>> 'legally questionable'. The fact that something could also be done
>>> outside of MythTV is no reason not to include it. I can listen to
>>> music outside of MythTV, yet there's a MythMusic plugin. I can
>>> check the weather outside of MythTV, yet there's a MythWeather
>>> plugin. I can watch DVDs outside of MythTV, yet there's a MythDVD
>>> plugin.
>>> Marco
>> And to take it 2 steps further:
>> 1. ReplayTV was sued because they included commercial skipping
>> technology in their DVR, and they lost big time.  MythTV skips
>> commercials....
>> 2. In the US, the DMCA says you can't bypass copy protection in  
>> order to
>> make a backup copy of digital media, yet Myth rips commercially  
>> produced
>> copy protected DVDs...
>> The argument that Myth should stay away from things like bittorrent
>> because of it's legal questionableness (is that a word??) is pretty  
>> lame
>> when Myth already does lots of things that could fall under the  
>> illegal
>> category!!  Isn't that what open source is about?? Beating the man and
>> doing things the way we, the consumer, want them done????
> This is a very simple three-step matter:
> 1.) This is Isaac's project.
> 2.) Isaac has stated he does not wish it to be included.
> 3.) Discussion ends.
> _______________________________________________

Hmmm... I was under the impression that open source software was the 
communitie's project?? Am I wrong?


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