[mythtv-users] Mythtv torrent downloading

Michael Segulja msegulja at lmdcs.com
Thu Mar 9 17:02:10 UTC 2006

Marco Nelissen wrote:
>> On the contrary, including legally questionable features (no matter how 
>> much we know it's not illegal precisely but used illegally by people) in 
>> the core product opens it up to attack.  Since this activity 
>> (downloading legal torrents) can be handled effectively outside Myth and 
>> imported using any number of means, the discussion is unnecessary.
>> Kevin
> According to the documentation, MythTV has a dependency on lame. 
> I'll admit to not having checked recently, and to not being a lawyer,
> but last I checked lame was an mp3 encoder, Fraunhofer/Thompson own
> patents on mp3, and neither the lame-developer nor its users are
> paying royalties. MythMusic, a standard MythTV plugin, supports the
> AAC format. I betcha nobody's paying royalties for that either.
> Anyway, I'd say that MythTV is *already* the very definition of
> 'legally questionable'. The fact that something could also be done
> outside of MythTV is no reason not to include it. I can listen to
> music outside of MythTV, yet there's a MythMusic plugin. I can
> check the weather outside of MythTV, yet there's a MythWeather
> plugin. I can watch DVDs outside of MythTV, yet there's a MythDVD
> plugin.
> Marco
And to take it 2 steps further:

1. ReplayTV was sued because they included commercial skipping 
technology in their DVR, and they lost big time.  MythTV skips 

2. In the US, the DMCA says you can't bypass copy protection in order to 
make a backup copy of digital media, yet Myth rips commercially produced 
copy protected DVDs...

The argument that Myth should stay away from things like bittorrent 
because of it's legal questionableness (is that a word??) is pretty lame 
when Myth already does lots of things that could fall under the illegal 
category!!  Isn't that what open source is about?? Beating the man and 
doing things the way we, the consumer, want them done????

Just my 2 cents....

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