[mythtv-users] DVB failing to generate recordings - please help!

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Thu Mar 9 09:19:06 UTC 2006

Around about 08/03/06 15:59, Luis Ochoa typed ...
> I'm experiencing a similar situation. You don't say what type of DVB,
> but by looking at your logs it seems DVB-C. My problem is _exactly_ as
> yours, only on DVB-S and only on the cardinput that requires a 22khz
> tone to be ON. I'd be interested to see if anyone can spot the
> problem.

   Couldn't tell you what 'sort';  all I know is it's a UK Hauppauge Nova-T. 
for terrestrial (broadcast) DVB.

   And /still/ no-one seems to have a clue what's going on :-(

[neil at fnx ~]# rm -f .signature
[neil at fnx ~]# ls -l .signature
ls: .signature: No such file or directory
[neil at fnx ~]# exit

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