[mythtv-users] LiveTV auto recording? Harddrive filling up.

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Thu Mar 9 07:56:43 UTC 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 02:37, Dag Nygren wrote:
> > > Silly me, I thought I deserved an error message
> >
> > What?  Error messages?  How uncool..
> >
> > =)
> >
> > I do agree, it should be handled properly if you manage to actually fill
> > things up, even though it really shouldn't ever happen during normal
> > usage now that autoexpire's on by default.
> Thanks for that.
> And now when I got your attention:
> I still think that the Myth code would need a code review
> on taking return values in account. Just grepping the read's
> that doesn't even save the return value gives me 15 instances,
> most of them in libavformat/grab.c. The writes are a lot more.
> I understand that most of the faulty code probably isn't really
> yours, but "you are the boss".

Stuff in other libraries (especially the libav ones) is a pain to modify, 
since those come from outside sources and have to be updated from those 
external sources regularly.  Fixing bugs in those should ideally happen 
upstream, not in myth.  I wouldn't bother with code that we're not even using 
(like libavformat/grab.c), either.

I certainly won't reject reasonably written patches that clean that sort of 
thing up, though.

> And I still think it is silly making a query to a database not
> connected (InitConn() , remember? ;-) )

Heh.  But that particular case doesn't hurt anything. =)  There's bigger 
problems to fix.

> And: The participants of the mailing list should focus more on
> creative solutions to problems instead of attacking people
> because they are not of the same opinon. (This is not pointed
> towards Isaac)

I also think chunking individual live-tv recordings to be a max of 6 hours or 
so if they've not been set to keep with togglerecord is probably a good idea.  
Wouldn't be hard for someone to implement.


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