[mythtv-users] DCT-6200 (and 6412) 5C

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 04:05:23 UTC 2006

On 3/8/06, Michael Eldridge <meldridge at mac.com> wrote:
> Ian, I used your script last night and it worked great. There were
> channels that resulted in zero length files and others that were well
> below your threshold of 1500000. Some, however, were pretty darn
> close to the threshold and I just had to know for sure if, in fact,
> 5C was enabled on those channels.
> I was able to record Comedy Central programs as recently as last
> week, but no more. I was hoping that Comcast would only enable 5C for
> the channels out of the NTSC range since most of the programs I want
> to record are in that block of channels. I've had my Myth box running
> for over a year recording away via FireWire. I'm pretty pissed that I
> can't do it anymore and I'll have to get a Hauppauge card now.
> mike

you can also use the service menu to see what the 5c level is for a
channel. its slow, but its exact.


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