[mythtv-users] IR receiver for non-serial laptop

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 21:39:51 UTC 2006

Charles Lesburg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a frontend in the form of a Compaq Presario 17XL560 laptop 
> (500 MHz P3 -- a tad sluggish, but functional).  It's got a parallel 
> port, two USB ports, a PCMCIA slot, but *no* serial port.  Anyone have 
> recommendations for an IR receiver?  It should be no surprise that I'm 
> looking for the cheapest solution.  I've actually got a Hauppauge IR 
> receiver from my PVR-150 which I suppose I could plug into the mic 
> port, but I don't think that lirc can deal with that.  Any suggestions?
> -cal

Have you seen the "IgorPlug USB" from Igor Cesko?
It's an IR receiver just like the home brew serial type (well not just 
like, there are some additions to the circuit, mainly a microprocessor 
IC).  In function it works just like the homebrew serial type IR 
receiver and LIRC specifically supports this one.  The fun part is you 
can build it yourself.
I have a serial type using a radio shack IR IC, but I may make one of 
these because it's usb cooooool.

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