[mythtv-users] Best Sat receiver for Dish Network

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Mar 8 21:35:18 UTC 2006

On Mar 8, 2006, at 2:22 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> On 03/08/2006 04:17 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
>> My Dish Network receiver does get several HD channels and outputs
>> them via component analog or HDMI digital, but only on the first
>> channel of a two-channel receiver.
> But, as today's general-purpose processors struggle to /decode/  
> HDTV in
> real-time, there's no way you could /encode/ HDTV in real-time without
> some specialized equipment using application specific processors.
>> It can record HD as well, storing up to 24 hours of 1080i content.
> But, it won't output that HDTV for you to put on your Myth box.

Well I admit I haven't tried connecting any HD into my Myth box yet,  
but the receiver outputs live or recorded HD as un-encrypted normal  
component analog or digital HDMI video, which can feed any HD-capable  
monitor. There is nothing "proprietary" about the signals it outputs.  
I'm sad to hear this is not the case with DirecTV, sounds like I  
chose the right satellite provider.

I haven't heard of an HD capture card that accepts baseband input,  
but there are some very fast CPUs out there now, and when you think  
about it most of us are using specialized processors to encode SD  
(ie: PVRs), so there's no reason to think that HD equivalents are too  
far in the future.
>> As for the quality of the HD programming, that's another problem,
>> DiscoveryHD is the only thing I have found to be worth watching, but
>> I suppose if I were a sports fan there would be more.
> Agreed!  And, if I can't get DiscoveryHD into my Myth box, I don't  
> want
> it.  :)
Well my home system is still hybrid, Myth for SD and "other" for HD,  
but I'm working on it. For the time being that's why I have the HD  
sat receiver.

Right now I'm just trying to get an SD sat receiver that I can  
control with Myth, which is why I started this thread in the first  
place :-)

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