[mythtv-users] playing back recordings via MythWeb

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 09:16:17 UTC 2006

> >
> > Well on windows I use a combination of dsmyth, samba and vlc.  It
> > works very nicely even over wireless, apart from the few files which
> > have no sound!  The no sound issue appears to be related to some DVB-T
> > recordings and has no easy resolution that I can find.
> So has dsmyth become DVB-T capable now?!

Well yes.  I'm in the UK using a Hauppauge NOVA-T DVB-T card and my
recordings play fine.

> I thought it wasn't capable of playing DVB-T MPEG2 files!!!

I'm pretty sure my files are DVB-T MPEG2.

> What versions of dsmyth, mythtv, and what kinda samba setup, which folders
> etc, are you using?

Hmm - I'm away from the box now.  From memory:

dsmyth is from about 4 months ago.  I think I looked when I upgraded
to mythtv 0.19 to see if there was a more recent version available and
there wasn't.

mythtv is 0.19 from atrpms. (there's a line in one of the php files
that you have to edit to get dsmyth working - when you upgrade mythtv
this gets overwritten and you have to edit it again).

samba - I'm just sharing the /video/store directory as readonly.  (I
the one where mythtv puts the recordings)

To get it working, I followed this link:


BTW My recordings without sound appear to be due to damaged files.  I
have a handfull of recording that play fine in mythtv but have no
sound when played back through vlc.  'Media Player Classic' (thanks
for the recommendation Raphael) plays them with sound, but stutters
from time to time and I've noticed that mplayer and vlc both log
errors as the file is played.  Mythtv plays them fine though!

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