[mythtv-users] MythVideo 0.19: DB == Flat List == why?

Cheetah fastcat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 05:13:36 UTC 2006


I've just upgraded to MythTV 0.19 from 0.18.1, and while many of the
new things are nice, there is a new behavior of MythVideo that is
driving me *bats*.  In the new order of things, if I tell MythVideo to
not be a file browser (i.e. work off the database), it decides to not
display the folder hierarchy that is there.  Taking a peek at the code
makes it clear that this is a willful decision.

I'd like to make my case for why this is, at least for some users, a bad idea.

I have a rather large video archive.  Like over a thousand files
large.  I keep it nicely organized in a couple ways.  First and
foremost, the folder hierarchy.  I have things by type (movies, tv,
anime, ...), then by show, by season, and then the episodes (movies
are rather flat).  I also make use of the metadata in mythtv for high
level, but often orthogonal classification - especially to help me
find new stuff I haven't watched yet.

In 0.18.1, this worked great.  I could use the metadata filters, and
also browse my videos in their folder hierarchy.  In 0.19, I can
either have my folder hierarchy, or my metadata, but not both.  I
cannot see the folder hierarchy in a mode where I can filter :(

One obvious reply to this would be "well, create categories for all
the stuff."  Well, that amounts to creating a category for every leaf
folder, and then applying those categories to every file.  And then
when viewing videos, selecting from one of those categories.  I
checked, I have 76 such leaf folders.  To arrow key to the 40th one,
with a remote control, would suck very much.

So Please, Pretty Please, can we have the folders view back in
metadata mode?  Or, evil that it may be, make this yet another
checkbox in the settings page (e.g. "Show flat list in non-browse

    -- Cheetah

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